2003 Package Wizard / setup.ini file missing




I used Access 2003 Package Wizard to create a setup.exe file,
which worked fine. But when I wrote the setup.exe file to a CD,
and put the CD in another machine that does not have Access
to test the setup.exe, I got an error message saying

"d:/files/setup/setup.ini is missing or invalid"

Any idea what is going wrong? thanks...


I answered my own question.... you need to copy all of the
files that Package Wizard generates... the /Files/ directory

I do have another problem though. If an older version of
Access, say Access 97, is installed on the target computer,
I get an error msg:

"can't find the dynamic-link library (DLL) mso97rt"

?? isn't Access 2003 run-time smart enough to deal
with previous versions of Access if they are installed
on the target computer?


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