Setting up Client/Server Network from P2P?




I have just installed windows server on my pc and would like to
setup a client/server network. Currently,I am using P2P networking.

Right now,I have a wireless router and it acts as a dhcp server. The
computers and an ethernet modem is connected to it. The ’client’
computers are running win2000 and xp professional.
I use a workgroup and automatic ip address/subnet assigning.

So, what are the requirements if I want to setup client/server
networking? I have looked through some windows server books and they
mentioned a lot on domains,using windows server to assign dhcp,
dns,active directory etc.

For the server, I would like it to be setup as a file/printer server
and probably a webserver also. I also want to give active directory a
try. So are there any things to change? like using a domain or
removing the router to setup static ip etc?




Hello Weng,

You seem to have the basics in hand. You'll need to promote your Windows
server to be a DC using the dcpromo command; this will set up the Active
Directory and related services (like DNS). You'll want the server to have a
static IP address (or at least a static reservation from your DHCP server).
The server does NOT need to be a DHCP server; your router can continue in
that role.

After that, you'll join each of your client computers to the domain using
the Network Identication Wizard (ctrl panel - system - network identication -
wizard), assign user names and passwords, and that's it!

There are, of course, LOTS of bells and whistles from there, but that's the
basic setup, and you should be able to get it going pretty quickly. Do NOT
try to disable DNS serving on your server - Active Directory relies on DNS
pretty heavily and needs there to be at least one Windows 2000 based DNS
server on your network.

Have fun!

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