Excel Barcoding using a central database repositories

Feb 21, 2018
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We have to setup a local area network in a 5 floor building. The barcoding equipments will be connected to a server. On daily basis at the start of the day deactivated codes series will be issued to each machine and at close of the day server will be reported back with the following..
Machine ID
A) List of barcodes Activated
B) List of barcodes rejected
C) Remaining barcodes unused

Can anyone share his experience in such a project?

I am planning to setup win 10 server network . i will use ms excel vba winsock and sequel server for database repository. I foresee additional need to use ms outlook VBA that allows me to run my excel vba routines remotely..

Or shall i switch from windows server to lunix server?

How will i be assigning ip's , i believe if i buy one class C ip address series of 254 numbers. Although at maximum i will use 25 ips. Will i also need a cisco/juniper ?

Please help..i am really in pressuring need .


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