Configure Windows client to receive hostname from DHCP server.



I've used the DHCP server to assign hostanmes to Linux systems on my network,
but I cannot find any documentation on how to do the same for a Windows
client. Does anyone know how to configure the Windows client to acquire tis
hostname from the DHCP server?

I'm using a Windows 2003 Server for my DHCP server, and I have created a
reservation with option 12 (hostname) enabled for my Windows 2000 Server
client. Now every option I have enabled in the DHCP reservation works on the
client except for option 12. If I do the same type of reservation for my
Linux client it will use the DHCP assigned hostname without a problem.

Is there something that I'm missing for my DHCP server to assign hostnames
to Windows clients? It seems silly that this feature works with Linux clients
easily, but not with a Windows client. Where is there documentation for
configuring the Windows client? Thanks!


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