send reminder email through outlook based on info from a csv/excel file



I am trying to create reminders from csv file. this consists of reminder date, descriptions and email ids where reminder to be sent all over the year on different date as in the csv file. In our instituition we have hundreds of reminders to be set up and to remind various people through exchange server. It's not clear to me sharing calender can send reminders or should be invited and accepted by the users every time. I just want reminders to be sent through emails without them being invited or being as attendees.

There are simple Google spreadsheet add-in scripts available to do this job.. This spreadsheet without integrating with anything, checks every hour andsend reminders automatically to the addressee with subject and timing as in the csv. But we want to use Outlook.

So I created csv file as recommended with details. The invitees could not be imported and there seems to be a bug in csv import feature in outlook atleast importing invitees/attendees.

Could somone help plz?

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