Send/Receive Settings - Folder Options



In Outlook 2003 when I want to make my Public Folders available offline, I
use Send/Receive settings, and put a tick in the box of each public folder I
want to make available offline. [Tools - Send/Receive - Send/Receive Settings
- Define Send/Receive Groups - Edit ]

In Outlook 2007, I can tick the boxes, but the ticks are never saved. If I
go back later and look, they are unticked. However all the folders seem to
work offline so Outlook must either remember or just process all offline
folders by default?

Is this standard behaviour for Outlook 2007 or should I be worried? I have
some other issues with strange variations between Public Folders and Offline
Favorites (Favorites work fine, std Public Folders won't create custom items
properly) . Could this be linked?

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