Outlook 2003 offline folders synchronise does not work



Even Outlook says that some of my folders are available offline they are not!
I have to mark the folder I want to be synchronised, and after thi is's

The dialog for setting offline parameters in 2003 looks very similair to the
same dialog in Otlook 2002, but it says "Send and receive" instead off "Make
these foldera available offline" in 2003.

I can not automatically synch my offline folders without higlighting every
folder and thereafter "Tools > Send and receive > This folder" (Microsoft
Exchange Server).

This is so annoiying and I will not upgrade to Office 2003 before this works

Brgds Magnus


I would check to make sure that your off-line Send/Receive is setup
correction by going to Tools - Send-Receive Setting - Define Send/Receive
Group. Check to make sure that all is setup as need e.g. "synching"
automatically and how often - do you wnat to be able to use F9. If all is
set up as it needs to be.

Then another possibility is that the .ost files which stores the data
off-line is corrupted. Search and locate al the .ost files rename them to
something else such as .ost1 and the do a new send/receive.


Francine Otterson
President, San Diego Outlook User Group

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