Send/Receive not working



When I did a full Vista OS recovery/restore, this weekend, my Windows Mail
program now won't allow the “Send/Receive All†option to automatically
complete. I get an error message, but no details. Just a blank error
window. If I manually use “Receive All“, or “Send All“, I can get and send
my emails. I have reentered the account information and checked all entries
for typos, but none to be found. The actual Windows Mail I was using before
the restore/recovery, even looked different. I would upgrade to Windows Live
Mail, but I tried it, and it has no option at the bottom of a "composed
email" window, to edit the source, which is critical to repair and fix an
overly forwarded message, or frozen text fonts and settings. How can I fix
this without losing my simple email options?

The Windows Mail version is 6.0.6000.16386 (vista_rtm.061101-2205)

Gary VanderMolen

Regarding the lack of source edit in Windows Live Mail, I simply switch
the message format to plain text, make my edits, then enable HTML again.
To be sure, you will lose any forwarded images when you do that.

Failure of the Send/Receive button is usually caused by interference
from an antivirus program. Which antivirus are you running?
As a minimum, email scanning in the antivirus should be turned off,
although that may not be sufficient to eliminate all bad effects.
In a worst case scenario, your antivirus may need to be uninstalled.

Email scanning in any antivirus should be disabled, for reasons
explained here:

Gary VanderMolen, MS-MVP (Mail)

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