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Everything seems functioning well after I install Windows XP SP2.
Since then, Security Center has shown all the protections are ON, and my
Norton Antivirus are consistantly up to date.
Recently while I'm starting up my pc, a Security Center Alert Message comes
up: "Your computer might be at risk because Norton Antivirus is turned off.
Click this ballon to fix the problem".
I then double check Norton and see its Auto-Protection is ( in fact ) enabled.
I also doble check Security Center and find Firewall/Automatic Updates/Virus
Protection are all ON.
A full virus scan of the computer indicates threats none.

Would appreciate anyone to explain why the alert message comes up?

Doug Knox MS-MVP

Check Norton's site for an update. There is one that specifically addresses this issue with SP2. It is a program update, not a virus definition update.


Thank you for your reply.
I have checked with Norton's site and applied LiveUpdate ( as I did always )
as suggested. The Alert Message still appears when I start up my computer.
However, it disappears automatically after the Norton icon shows up
indicating Auto-Protection Enabled.



I too have this problem, even when switching between users on XP Home. I have
sussed out that it is down to the loading order of the various programs that
protect my computer from virii, spyware etc. I'm running AVG antivirus, Zone
Alarm firewall & Spybot SD. If the Windows Security Center icon shows up
first in the notification bar, then the baloon appears to say I'm not
protected - presumably because it has loaded and checked for firewalls etc
before the other programs have had the chance to register their presence.
This is borne out by the fact that if it appears to load after them
everything is OK. The order of loading seems to be quite random - just check
your notificaton bar each time you log on.
To date I have not found any method of forcing a structured loading sequence
which would seem to be a 'GOOD THING', ie load anti-virus & firewall before
anything else. If anyone does know, please share.


Hi gribb, your response is appreciated.
I have done this: Open Security Center, click on Change the way Security
Center alerts me, uncheck Virus Protection under Alert Settings. After that,
I then find the Virus Protection still remains ON on Security Page.
My action seems to have changed only the way Security Center alerts me but
not actually to change the protection antivirus program is enforcing.
I start up the computer again, the Alert Message does not appear.

Did I do it right? I certainly hope.


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