Security Center mistakenly believes NIS is installed



Windows Security Center shows that my system is protected because
Norton Internet Security 2006 is running. Unfortunately, NIS is NOT

I've uninstalled not only NIS, but all Norton/Symantec software. I also
used Symantec's clean-up utility, which is supposed to totally remove
Norton products, but Security Center still insists the NIS firewall and
antivirus are still running.

While my system is now clean (according to no fewer than six different
antivirus and spyware programs), it had been infected (which NIS was
installed, which is why it's going bye bye). Whatever got into the
computer disabled NIS (the icon was in the system tray, but the program
was not working), created numerous pop-ups and redirects, and appeared
to be mining data, so I suppose it's possible it convinced Security
Center that NIS 2006 was installed and running so I wouldn't get any
Windows alerts.

I've run two Registry cleaners, and I've also manually searched the
Registry for "Norton," "Symantec," and "Security Center," but nothing
jumped out at me. The "DisableMonitoring" values in the
"HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Security Center\Monitoring" keys
(which seem to be the problem for others) are already gone from my
Registry, so that's not it.

So, does anyone have any idea on why I'm getting a false positive here?
What is it that's convincing Security Center that Norton Internet
Security 2006 is still running on this machine when all traces have
been removed? (Well, apparently not ALL traces.)



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