computer dummy number 1 gig and 1

yeah. I think it is obvious its not malware. But I question Microsofts whole
philosophy behind it program. And the more crap like this they do, the less
computor idiots like me distrust ms. In addition, the more we look to replace
ms programs. I know its not going to happen... Today. But the day will come
that ms will join the lines of magnavox.
How hard is it to understand is the common users do not want something
running until we click it. Right now I have over 20 services running. Over
ten I have no idea what they do. 7 I know I do not need it...but unless I
want to go in almost daily and turn them off....Its a hassle with them and
even more an hassle to get rid of them...and then you always run the risk
messing up your computer. Its like the forced paper routes of chicago. we
hate but really have no choice. Any I bet less than ten are need to run the
In an idea world, you click on a software, it loads, you close the program
and then its unload. why does seaport need to mounter my computer, how bout
ulead dvd player(no my dvd player does not depend on it), tablet input pc,
remote access connection services, protexisis licensing system, print
spooler, portable device enumerator service, network crap in general. I have
a personal computer I do not need networking crap...but all of the these and
more automatically run...from the first day to start you windows base
I am just a user. But surely, It must drive you computer pros crazy.
I am sorry but in my opinion is that back ground all
malware...crap...they cause more problems than they can ever solve. Sure I
like burning dvds, but I have 3 different software program operating
in the background waiting for that magical moment that I want to copy
something on dvd.

So, give the guy a break, dunce and all, even has a point...from the novice
point of view.
P.S. I strarting a dumb for all user club more background...
P.S.S. All you computer nerds that made fun of that guy miss a very point.
The nerd that invents a program that makes malware dummy feel
comfortable...will soon be a rich person. Just think...the background program
for nuking background files...haha..get rich quick.


You Know it a part of Windows Live
So your Firewall alerted you that Windows Live seaport was trying to access
the outbound....
One day and it we come that you will trying stop access of a Microsoft
program and you will not be able Post in a Newsgroups I looking foreword to
that day!


What is Search Inhancement Pack and how do I kill it? I don't want this on my
PC. I never heard of it either. I've tried all I know to do to remove this or
find out what it anyone got any suggestions????


I'm glad someone said it! Talk about your "over-reactor".. Seems to be the
going thing in the 21st Century. Over react to everything, or don't react at
all. Whatever happen to common sense?

I know I'm a little late for this thread, but better late then never.. I
always say :)


Karim434 said:
Dear Sir/Madam,

I just saw noticed something called 'Seaport Search Enhancement Broker' is stoped working.
in the background on my machine (i,m using window vista ultimate extas).
I've never heard of it and cannot find any information about it online.

Does anyone know what this is, whether or not I should be worried about it,
what it is there for and if/how I can get rid of if?

Thanking you in advance,

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