Scroll with the mouse while editing a cell



Hi, I am using Excel 2007. I would like to know whether i can scroll with the
mouse when i am writing a formula in a cell. For example, I want that cell B5
will calculate the total of T8 and X9. if i write =+ in cell B5, I would like
to be able to scroll with the mouse (and not the scroll bars) to the location
of cells T8 and X9.
I believe its a matter of options setup. Thanks, Doris



Bernard Liengme

I can do that by pressing on the mouse wheel and dragging the mouse
Perhaps only some mouses (mice?) can do that; I was able to do it with two
best wishes



Rick Rothstein

This may be dependent on the particular brand of mouse that you are using
(in particular, the mouse driver software that supports it), but my "tilt
wheel" Microsoft mouse scrolls rows by spinning the mouse wheel and scrolls
columns by tilting the mouse wheel sideways. This functionality appears to
be built in (the mouse driver I would presume).

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