Link Scroll Bar to multiple cells



I would like to insert a scroll bar which will allow me to scroll through a
range of cells. In other words, I have a range of dates from 9/2/08 through
12/15/08 in cells J6 through DJ and I would like to be able to scroll through
them using a scroll bar.

I have a template that contains this function, but I can't figure out how to
replicate it on my worksheet.
Thank you!





If you see a drop down arrow in the cell where the list is even when the
cell is not selected then the list was created using a combo box from either
the Control Toolbox or the Forms toolbar. However...

This feature can be implimented many different way, easiest is to use the
Data, Validation command and then pick List under the Allows.

First enter the list of date somewhere in you spreadsheet. Suppose that is

If you want the drop down list (if that's what it is) in cell A1, select A1
and chooose the command Data, Validation, and pick List under Allows, In the
Source box highlight the range Z1:Z365 or type in =Z1:Z365.

Gord Dibben

Please tell us what J6 though DJ represents.

It is not a range of cells. J6 is a cell and DJ is a column.

Maybe you meant J6 through DJ6

If you want to use Data Validation listrange dropdown, the cells must be in
one column, not across one row.

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP


Perhaps I was not clear enough in my initial post. I apologize, let me try
to re-explain. I have data in columns J through DJ. I would like to insert
a horizontal scroll bar which will allow the user to scroll through the range
of columns (J through DJ) while keeing the data in columns A-I static. Thank
you! :)



Gord Dibben

Select J1 and Window>Freeze Panes to keep A:I static as you scroll across



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