how to scroll while in formula bar (Excel 2007)



In Excel 2003, I was able to select an existing RANGE of cells in the formula
bar such as =average (b97:b130). Then while the RANGE was selected I was then
able to change/update that RANGE in the formula by scrolling down in my
spreadsheet and select a new extended RANGE of cells such as b131:b140. When
I then clicked Enter, the RANGE in the formula bar would correctly change
=average (b97:b130) to =average (b131:b140).
But now when I try to do that same exercise in Excel 2007, I am having a
problem being able to scroll down anywhere in my spreadsheet while my cursor
has selected the original RANGE in the formula; =average (b97:b130) . It
appears that when my cursor has selected the range of cells in the formula
bar, I cannot do any scrolling. The spreadsheet seems to be locked up. Anyone
have a solution or have similar issue?


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