Screen Resolution Changing on Startup



My screen resolution is normally set at 1280 x 1024 but since a tweaking
session a couple of weeks ago (although the timing could be coincidental)
every time I switch off the computer, when I switch it on again the
resolution has changed to 640 x 480. I have checked the tweaks I performed
and can't see how any of them could have caused it and my "save desktop
settings" box is ticked so I can't see what is causing this problem. Whilst
it only takes a minute to change the resolution back and rearrange my icons
it is now starting to get seriously irritating.

I am running Windows XP with Service Pack 3 and any help anyone could give
with this problem would be greatly appreciated.




Leonard Grey

Nobody knows what you did during your tweaking session. (Apparently, not
even you.) Uninstall and re-install your video driver, following the
video card manufacturer's directions very carefully. If that doesn't
work -- good luck.

Before your next tweaking session, make a record of all your steps, only
make one change at a time, and backup your system before you start.

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