Cannot change my screen resolution!!!!help me plz!!!



I had to reinstall my windows xp home edition and now I need to change my
screen resolution higher than 640 x 480 pixels but I cant I tried the trouble
shooter on my computer but it didn't help any it said to go under settings,
advanced, moniter, and then properties but the properties button will not
highlight for me to click on it and it is set on a default configuration I
also tried going into Adapter under settings but it didn't work that way
either and I have to change my screen resolution in ored to get online to be
able to install my software that is needed I really dont understand why it
wont let me change it if anyone has any suggestions or help they can offer it
would be greatly appreciated thanks,




Depending what you mean by reinstall win* its likely that you will have to
reinstall your vid.drivers and possibly mobo.drivers.
These will have come with your PC, setup disks, or may be downloaded from
manu.web sites



Yves Leclerc

You need to get the correct video card drivers for your video card. The
ones included with XP are extremely limited!

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