SBS 2003 & Terminal Services



We have recently installed a SBS 2003 (Premium) and have it as our main
domain controller. We also have a Windows 2000 member server.

We want to access out network via vpn and terminal services. currently we
have Terminal services installed on our windows 2000 server with the freebie
temporary licence. Microsoft have told me that Terminal services is not
supported on the SBS server so I purchased a win 2000 Terminal Services
5-User CAL. However I cannot install it on the Windows 2000 Server. The
install Licences option is greyed out. Possibly it is because it is not a
Domain Contoller. Microsoft Licencing have said that there is a workaround
for it........does anyone know what it is???



Marina Roos [SBS-MVP]

Hi Willie,

Try posting in the SBS 2003 newsgroup:

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