Saving Styles



I am trying to save some styles I created so that they show up in an existing
document. I saved the styles as a new template and can access them when I use
the template, but I can't access the styles when I open the document I am
trying to apply the styles to. How can I get Word to show the styles I
created when I open the document I need to modify?

Stefan Blom

If you add styles to a template, you make sure that those styles are
available in *new* documents created from that template. In order to add the
styles to an existing document, you will have to copy them into the
document, for example via the Organizer dialog box.

Suzanne S. Barnhill

Or attach the template to the document with "Automatically update document
styles" checked.


I'm a newbie...How can I copy a style? When I right click, all I see is
modify, delete and update. I am running Office 2003.

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