Saving style changes to templates from Underlying documents



I recently set up a new template with a number of styles and I'm still
tweaking the styles as I create forms based on the new template. When I
modify a style in the underlying form, sometimes Word asks if I want to save
the changes to the template, but sometimes it doesn't. Is there a way to
force Word to save any changes to the template when a style is changed in an
underlying form based on the template?

Thanks for the help!!

Ken K.


When edit the style, at the bottom of the Modify Style dialog, check the box
for Add to Template. When you save the document you will get the update
template question. This check does not stick, ie if you change the style and
the box not checked, the quetion will not appear.
Also under Tools, Options, Edit tab, check the box for Prompt to update
Style, as well as under the Save tab, check the box for Prompt to save Normal
This last one is to ensure that Word does not update your without
you knowing that something has been changed.
Hope this helps

Stefan Blom

When modifying the style, check the "Add to template" option (Word 97-2003)
or "New documents based on this template" option (Word 2007).

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