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We have reports that have TOC, 3 levels of heading styles, 2 levels of bullet
styles. How can I some how apply these individual items to a document that
has been changed?

Is it through a style set or template reapplication? If template how do we
do a reapplication? This is in Word 2007

Jay Freedman

The answer depends on exactly what has been changed and how it was changed.

If the document was based on styles, and those styles were correctly applied
to begin with, but then direct formatting was applied on top of the styles,
then there's a simple (maybe too simple) solution: Select some or all of the
text, press Ctrl+spacebar to remove all the direct font formatting and
return to the base style, and press Ctrl+Q to remove all direct paragraph

If the definitions of the styles themselves have been modified to be
different than what's in the template, use the steps in the "Styles" section
of to redefine the
document's styles to match the template's styles.

Jay Freedman
Microsoft Word MVP
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