List Styles in Word 2007



I am trying to put together a template and I have set up a list style
for multi-level bulleting that is used throughout the document. I also
have a list style setup that is numbered and linked to the built-in
heading styles. The document generally follows this pattern:

1. Heading 1
1.1 Heading 2
<Body Text>
- Bullet level 1
- Bullet level 2 ...

In certain sections of the document, I need to continue like so:
<Body Text>
- Bullet level 1
Heading 4 (not numbered)
<More Body Text>
- New Bullet Level 2
- New Bullet level 2 ...

What is the best way to setup styles to cascade in this senario. I see
that Word 2007 has styles like "Body Text Indent" which I could
probably use for my <More Body Text> area but I can seem to find a way
to cascade the list style I have setup for the bullets. I'd would be
nice if I could simple create another list style based off the first
one and indent the new one. If there isn't a way to do this, what is
the best way to handle this?




Setup the type of style you want in a new document (indents, bullet styles,
text etc..) Select the text, and then click on "Save selection as new style"
in the styes group. Then insert section breaks in your document and you can
apply the style you want to that section.

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