Save My Settings Wizard



By mistake I tried to open my settings with Adobe Reader. Not only was the
settings file one that Adobe could not read, but each subsequent operation of
the settings wizard resulting in the settings file going to the Adobe program.

How do I change this so that Adobe Reader is not used for the settings file
and the setting file file become a standard one that I can save in My Backup

Thank you.

Mark L. Ferguson

Control Panel, "Default programs", "Associate a filetype or protocol with a
program", scroll down to the wizard's file extension, and highlight it and
click the button to "Change Program" from Adobe reader to whatever app is
appropriate for that settings wizard. If you are not yet set to view file
extensions, it's done in Control Panel, "Folder Options"

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Mark L. Ferguson MS-MVP


Mark L. Ferguson said:
Make that the 'file types" tab in Folder Options to change the extension
association, The Advanced tab lets to select the app to use.

Thank you for your two responses telling me how I can disassociate my
Windows XP Pro Save My Settings Wizard from Adobe Reader.

I'm sure your answer is correct, but as a fairly new computer user I failed
to understand fully the the terms you used or the steps you suggested.

Would you please lay out where to go and what to do in 1., 2. 3. fashion. If
there are several steps to take in one location it would be most helpful if
that could be outlined as for example 1. a, b, c.

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