SanDisk Cruzer mini 1.0 GB



I'm running XP Pro (up-to-date with all MS updates) on a Dell Inspirion 6000
laptop and a Dell Dimension 8250 desktop. The SanDisk Cruzer works perfectly
on the laptop. The desktop recently had a hard disk crash and the operating
system along with my software was reinstalled. After downloading the 49
recommended updates for windows and office software, the USB drives on the
desktop will not consistently recognize the SanDisk Cruzer. At times, I get
the acknowledgment beep and the indicator that the storage drive has been
installed but when I go to my computer and click on the removable drive,
there are no files shown. I've had a couple of blue screen errors that were
caused by this problem but there was nothing specific in the MS knowledge
base. The device drivers for the USB ports are the same for both computers.
I have attempted to rename the device drivers to see if they were corrupted
and could be internally regenerated and even copied the device drivers from
my laptop to System32/drivers but that fix lasts for only a couple of minutes
and the files that are on the drive no longer show up. Are the drivers
likely to be corrupted and are there any suggestions on how I might proceed
to correct this problem?

Richard Urban

Other drives (yes - those multifunction printers with all the input slots
for various memory devices have many drives that they install) may be
stepping on the drive designation that you are trying to use for your thumb
drive. I solved the problem by designating my Sandisk as drive R - for
removable. My external USB hard drive is designated as drive X. My CD drive
is designated as Y and my DVD drive is designated as Z. This gets them out
of the way, and keeps them out of the way.

Note that for the designations to absolutely hold, you must be certain that
you plug in the Sandisk to the exact same port, each and every time. Plug it
into a different port and it "may" be assigned a different drive letter,
which may again be in conflict with some other drive.


Richard Urban
Microsoft MVP Windows Shell/User

Quote from George Ankner:
If you knew as much as you think you know,
You would realize that you don't know what you thought you knew!


Hi Tom,

Try to locate your disk in the Disk Manager and assign a free drive letter
from there.

Please don't rename or otherwise tamper with the USB driver files & registry;
this won't help and can render your system unsupportable.



I've changed the drive designation in an attempt to move the SanDisk out of
harm's way but it doesn't do any good. The drive now appears on "My
Computer" as a removable disk drive letter R. When I double click on the
drive none of the files on the SanDisk are shown. Does anyone have
additional solutions to this problem?

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