USB Devices not working



I have several usb devices that are all of a sudden no longer working. They
are a Sandisk ImageMate 12-1 card reader, Sandisk Cruzer Mini 512 MB flash
drive, and a Sandisk MobileMate SD+ USB card reader. They were all working
about a week ago now when you plug anything in I get the USB Device Not
Recognized message. Not sure what happened to change things, I recentely did
a virus scan upgrade (Panda Internet Security 2007) but I think they have
worked since then. Any help please.

Cari \(MS-MVP\)

Are ANY USB deices working? It sounds as it your USB ports and/or
Controllers may have failed (even though they may be shown as OK in Device
Manager). Check the individual USB devices on a friend's PC.... then check
whether one of their (working) USB devices works on your PC.

Cheapest solution to this problem if it's a desktop is to add a PCI USB 2.0

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