Running Access On Citrix: Setting Up Our Own Server?



Well, I finally managed get one of my apps deployed on a Citrix

The results exceed my hopes. With front end/back end on the same
drive, this thing just *flys* and Citrix seems to deliver the
goods gracefully.

I even tried pulling the plug on the connection while the app was
up and running. Citrix issued a nice little dialog and went
into a "trying to re-establish connection" mode. When I plugged
it back in, the session came back right where I left off.

Only problem is that this deployment was one of those
under-the-table favors that people do for each other and the
testing/configuration is, as one would expect, turning into a
moderate-sized project.

The application wound up on a production server.

Guys that did us the favor are doing the right thing and not
letting anybody into the production box.

They've also reached the "No good goes unpunished" realization
stage and we don't want to turn into any more of a tar baby on
them than we already have.


Has anybody set up a Citrix server all by themselves? We've got
a spare desktop PC with 4 gigs in it. I'm guessing that Citrix
wants Microsoft Server (or whatever it's called) instead of
Windows XP. But what else?

This would be only for letting the users experience the gain in
speed and shaking down Citrix-specific issues like printers,
"trust" relationships with various .DLLs or whatever....

Less than six concurrent users, more like 1-3.

Is it that hard? I'm thinking permissions, user accounts, and
so-forth. What about the box's relationship to the client's LAN

Should I find a Citrix NG and start trolling for how-tos?

Or should I bite the bullet; initiate an "real" project with
meetings, schedules, budgets, estimates, and so-forth; and let
somebody who actually knows what they're doing set the box up?

Finally, has anybody managed to set it up so that one can flip a
URL to a user, user clicks said URL, user gets an ID/PW prompt,
and the app just starts up transparently? i.e. No Citrix
screen, no application icon to click.



a a r o n . k e m p f

why would you use Citrix?

Does Windows Terminal Session NOT WORK for what you're trying to do?

Citrix is a scam.

More importantly-- just move to SQL Server and ADP and you don't need
to terminal anywhere-- you can run it across _ANY_ network.

The dipshits around here blame it on the NETWORK when really it's the
_DATABASE_ that is flaky.


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