OLE Server Error



We have an Access 2003 application on a Citrix server. The app has worked
fine for years. One of the most used features is turning queries in the
datasheet view into Excel spreadsheets using Tools > Office Links > Analyze
it With Microsoft Excel. The app runs as an .mde file.

A couple of days ago, users began getting the error:

"Application X cannot start the OLE server.
.... but the OLE Server may not be registered properly. Reinstall the OLE
Server to register it correctly."

I do not think it's an application problem, because when I run the app in
the live Citrix environment everything works fine. The OLE Server is
registered in the Tools > References window.

I'm not a Citrix expert, but it's coming to the humble consultant (me)
saying it's a Windows/Citrix/Permissions problem, and the Citrix admins
saying it's an application problem/

Does anyone have any idea where to begin to sort this out?

MIke Thomas

Arvin Meyer [MVP]

There are a number of OLE servers. It may be one which handles images.
Usually when it's an image handler, another program has been designated as
the default file handler, and while it can render files nicely, it may not
be an OLE server. The Access references window is totally different than the
Windows registry. A file can be referenced just fine, but needs
re-registering with Windows.

So make sure that all your file handlers are OLE servers, and that they are
all registered with Windows:

Start >>> Run

then type:

Regsvr32.exe "C:\The Full path to the OCX or DLL"

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