OLE Server



Hello Amigos,

I am getting this message:

An error occurred while sending data to the OLE server (the application used
to create the object).
You may have tried to send too much data. If you're creating a chart and the
chart is based on a query, modify the query so that it selects less data. If
the chart is based on a table, consider basing it on a query instead so that
you can limit the data.
You may be using an OLE server that doesn't accept the Clipboard format.
You may not be able to start the OLE server because it's not properly
registered. Reinstall it to register it.
Your computer may be low on memory. Close windows to free up memory.

Please help... any tips? Thanks a lot


Greetings! I finally had resolved the “OLE†problem this afternoon. And this
problem puzzled for 10 days, even IT professors in my university could not
resolve it. You can install the Microsoft office xp without uninstall
Microsoft office 2007. Yes, it is the problem of “photo editor†in office xp
disc. Besides, I am a foreign student in USA, so you can see my English is
very poor. Haha. But I resolved this problem, whatever~~


i am so sorry.
Office 03 will never work! in my opinion, you’d better buy or borrow office
xp(maybe office 2000/2002 are both ok) disc. “OLE†only exists in those discs.
Besides, I am a foreign student, and my English is very poor. I do not know
whether you have understood my words or not.
Best wishes,

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