VB6 Component Issue with TDBGRID

Dec 1, 2020
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I have a serious problem and I am hopeful that someone may be able to help.
I am writing a lengthy program that, among others, use True DB Grid 6 component for all grid presentations.

I had a crash recently (I believe motivated by the last windows update) in which all the grids in my program suddenly disappeared.

In my haste in trying to recover from this situation I re-installed VB6, loaded my program and began replacing the lost grids.

Now there are two grid components offered by True DB Grid one being an OLE capable grid and the other that supports the VB6 bult-in data control.

Under COMPONENTS I inadvertently added the OLE component to the project and starting replacing the lost grids. Half way through, I realized that my code was NOT built around the OLE Control. Now my question. The VB6 IDE does not allow me to remove the OLE version of the control because it is "IN USE" despite my having removed all the grids.

So, How do I disable the OLE component in the list of components?

Thank you for any light you can shed on this issue.


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