Access 2007 Database - OLE / ACE


Julie Aldridge

When I try to add a picture to a table field in Access through an OLE object
I keep getting the error message "The operation on the OLE object failed. The
OLE server may not be registered. To regiser the OLE server, reinstall it.

On searching the internet it appears that Access 2007 does not support OLE
anymore and now needs something called ACE.

Does anyone know how I get this working?



JULIE, i think you problem came out when the links from
microsoft.public.access group were remove, preventing object linking and
embedding from such group to keep some servers running very well and avoid
concentration under one group server, thinking way back on how did you
arrive the answer your solutions will be much helpul than searching
links to other website, regarding the ACE, i think you need a new unit.

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