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Hello, I have an Access 2003 application that is deployed to remote users.
One part of the system ("Requests") allows for linking files on their file
server to individuals request(row in a table). Users complain when logged on
though citrix that they have to browse to their local drive and then copy the
file to the network drive. It takes some time to move the files because
you're moving them across the internet.

Has anyone come up with a better solution to move files to a network drive
when going though citrix.





You can move the files to a local replicated folder, then let
Windows update the server copy. It might be worth trying,
but I don't know that it will work any better. I'm sitting at
a Windows 98 machine right now, so I can't tell you exactly
how to do that, but what you want to do is right click on the
share in 'network places', and select that want it to be synchronised.




Pete D.

Excellent idea, pick a time when every one is asleep and copy all the files
to a local drive. Just because the select them in one location doesn't mean
they must access them there.

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