Rule to create a calendar entry when a specific e-mail is received



Each month I receive an e-mail notification that a file is now available.
This notification arrives anytime between the 2nd and the 10th of the month.
I would like to use the rules to create a calendar entry each month when this
report is available. Ideally:

(The trigger e-mail is an automated e-mail so the sender and body of e-mail
description will be consistent each month)

Conditions -
Receive e-mail from specific sender: (e-mail address removed)
With specific words in the body of the e-mail: "Name: ABC End of Month

Create an appointment in my calendar with the title "ABC End Of Month
Report" for either the first Monday after the e-mail is received or if that
can't be calculated then a set 2 days after the e-mail receipt. The duration
can be set at an hour and the time can be consistently set to 9:00 am.

Because the date of the report varies I run into problems when I create a
recurring calendar entry to process the report data. I've had to move it out
when the data comes in late or I didn't get to it as early as mgmt would like
because the data came in early before I had it scheduled. The best method
would be to have an appt set when the e-mail arrives.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Sue Mosher [MVP]

That can only be done by writing code. A VBA solution would be a procedure
that can be triggered by a "run a script" rule action. The example at creates a task from the
information in a message. Creating an appointment would be very similar. (Or
you could, of course, create a task instead of an appointment.) Use the
object browser (F2 in VBA) to get the names of the relevant properties.

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