RRAS, Demand Dial, and NAT




There is a remote access server that users use to dial in
and then connect to the internet. There is a router
performing the NAT function for the dial up users.

What I need to setup is for the RRAS server to have the
NAT function as well.
Users will dial in and use the application which works as
follows: A user dials in and executes the application
which will then go out to internet (through the router)
and connect to the Server.
I want the RRAS/NAT to do a network address translation on
the applications request (before it is sent out to the
router) and internally NAT the ip to the internal server
on our LAN.

Can you have a RRAS and NAT service in one box. The
hardware for the host is as follows: one network card and
five banks for the modem users. Will the NAT take the
modems request and NAT that to the Internal Server through
the network card of the RRAS/NAT Server.

I have setup the Demand Dial but it seem when the user
dials in the requests are not being translated by NAT.

I hope I have explained things clearly. Thank you.

Bill Grant

When RRAS and NAT are on the same machine, the dialup clients bypass NAT.
Only the LAN clients go to NAT via the LAN NIC.

To make the internal interface (to which the remote users connect) also
an input to NAT, you use a netsh command

netsh routing ip nat add interface internal private

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