nat + demand dial routing -> not connecting



dear r-ras gurus,
i setup a w2k3-rras-server which is my bridge and nat from the internal
192.168.0.x lan to the web. i have an internal isdn-modem on this
ras-server. i configured nat with the w2k3 wizard. from the ras-mmc i can
connect without any problems to my provider (network interface -> Inteface
for Dial on Demand -> Connect). but when i try to initiate the connection
from a client (ping to an external ip), the ras-server does not connect to
the isp. of course the clients gateway ip points to the ras server ?

how can i trace / debug this problem

thanx alot

Robert L [MS-MVP]

posting the result of the server ipconfig /all here may help.

For more and other information, go to

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Bill Grant

Try actually connecting to a remote site. Dial on demand is only
triggered by tcp traffic. Also note that the first attempt may time out
before the dial on demand process completes.

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