Slow NAT service



I’m having trouble with my RRAS NAT service. The server is a Win2k Server SP4
running AD, RRAS, DHCP, DNS. Internet connection is a dynamic dial-up link
across an ADSL link.

All the clients on the private network are suffering from very slow service
with the internet through the NAT server – browsing, email, VoIP etc.
WebPages timeout, email server connections fail.

But accessing resources on the private network is fine, and browsing etc
from the server connected directly to the internet is normal too.

Task Manager isn’t showing up any abnormally high processor or memory use
during normal operations.

I’m completely out of ideas and was wondering if anyone out there had any
suggestions I might try to find out what could be wrong.

Thanks, Andrew.

si via


You could try tracert or pathping from a slow client to try and isolate what
is taking the time, other than that you are looking at a network trace to see
why the query takes so long.

I dont suppose the event logs or support tools (netdiag etc) show anything?

Shot in the dark with current info

It could be a dodgy DNS forwarder as the DNS forwarder would have to timeout
before the next, or roothints ,was used to resolve. that would also explain
why internal queries are fine because your authoritive DNS server wouldnt
need to use the forwarder for internal queries.

Needs a bit more investigation me thinks...



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