shraring a dial-up w/ RRAS & NAT


Brian White

I want to share a dial-up account with RRAS and NAT. I
think I set it up properly. I go to Routing Interfaces
and right click the Demand Dial Interface I set up. I
click connect. It dials out with my modem. It seems to
connect, but I can not browse the internet. Could there
be something wrong on my ISP's side?
Brian White

Bill Grant

Do you have a default route set up to use the demand-dial interface?

If not, go to the RRAS console and run the New Static Route wizard. Enter in the destination and subnet fields, then select the demand-dial
interface from the dropdown list.

Brian & KATHLEEN White

The above name answers the first question.. As for this
idea, it worked! Thank you. Now I'd simply like to
understand what it was I did. Is there a good reference
you know of that explains what RRAS does? I simply did
cookbook stuff when setting this up from different
people's suggestions. Thanks again!
Brian White

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