NAT - Simple questions???



Hi all
I have some questions about setting up a win2003 Nat. I have a w2003 server
with a modem for dial up internet and a nic for my internal network. Thing
worked so far but i cant understand some issues.
DO i have to use DHCP for RRAS ?? If i use static IP's i get error msgs in
the event id.

Why DHCP leases a bunch of addresses for RRAS. The only thing i want to do
is connect my internal machines to internet throught a NAT server. (idont
want VPn, Remote dial in access etc, and i dont want to use ICS).

Does the basic firewall function of NAT make sthg. Meaning do i have to use
ISA server or an other firewall. While surfing i found a site
( which could see my internal addresses. Is that
possible?? (the same thing using ICS). Did i configure sth wrong???? Is NAT a
firewall too or what???

Is there some security issues about configuring the external connection to
Internet (dial up modem). etc. disable netbios or sth like that...

Thx...waiting for help :)

Robert L [MS-MVP]

1. you don't need to use DHCP for the RRAS.
2. what's the event id and description?
3. which server/router has DHCP?
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Bill Grant

If your server is leasing IP addresses from DHCP, you must have enabled
remote access. Either disable remote access, or change the option (from the
RRAS console) so that it does not use DHCP but a static pool.

I suspect you used the wrong wizard to configure RRAS. You only need
routing configured for your setup. What IP address range are you using on
your internal network?

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