nat ics not working


rajiv juneja

my win2k server(domain) is configured as nat/ics server. the connectivity to
works fine from server except that clients are unable to access internet
using NAT or
internet connection sharing(ics).
The configuration of nat/ics server was OK or so i hope.The server was
also configured as DHCP server and DNS server.also tried the mini dhcp
server of nat
The lan networks ok and the clients is also getting the ip address.
event viewer reorts the following error
event ID:31002
the DNS proxy agent was unable to bind to the IP address
This error message may indiacte a proble with TCP/IP networking. The
data is the error code.
can anybody help.

Bill Grant

Are you using NAT or ICS? (Surely not both at once!)

If you want to use your own DHCP server, you cannot use ICS. You can do
it with NAT. Do not enable the allocator in NAT (ie do not give it any
addresses to allocate). DHCP will then answer client requests.

If you use your local DHCP, you must set it to hand out the correct DNS
and default gateway settings to your clients. (ICS does this automatically).

If your clients are using your local DNS service, you must configure
your DNS to forward requests to an external DNS service. (ICS simply acts as
a DNS proxy).

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