Routing Internet and Clients via RRAS - OSPF & RIP



I am having great difficulties for 2 years now with RRAS, still today I have
no real easy way to do the following;

Router 1 (10.x.x.x) >>>>ISP
Server a >>>>RRAS (2 x NICs) 10.x.x.x and VPN nic to ´Router 2 (192.x.x.x)
Server b >>>>DC AD 10.x.x.x
Server c >>>>Member Server 10.x.x.x
Clients x 1000

Router 2 (192.x.x.x)
Clients x 25

What is actually the best way to get the routes between these working, so
good that people can get access to the DFS on either subnet as long as the
vpn is up and by this I mean from LAN and Internet.

I have for a long time had 3 routers, 1 for ISP connection the other 2
splitting the nets from a hub between all routers.

Everything works fine as long as I put a further bridge between each subnet,
but doesnt give me clients from internet via RRAS access.

AD used for authorisation.
PPTP used.

Any help would be great!
Thanks in advance


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