PPP adapter not getting the gateway entry when router calling in



We are facing a small static route add problem with Win2K
RAS box .The setup is like follow,

lan PC(win2k)-----|| C2511-NAS ||---<Serial ISDN>--||RRAS
server -2000 ||(branch)

The moment clients sitting at corporate office ping the
branch office RRAS servers for data access, the Cisco
Router will dial its DOD port to the branch office and
establish the PPP connection. PPP IPCP process of windows
2000 will allocate a IP address to the router end and one
to its local PPP dial adapters . We have given only two
static pool addresses (x.x.x.40 & x.x.x.41) in windows to
ensure that the router is always getting the fixed .41 IP.
Once this connection is up, both Win2k and Router can able
to ping each other over PPP . But when clients at (inside
the cisco router LAN) try to ping the remote RRAS server,
the request will reach the other end windows RRAS server,
But the windows PC will not reply back its echo messages.
This is due to the gateway issue at PPP adapter, becoz the
remote LAN users sitting in a separate subnet.(10.1.30.x)
and the PC don't know how to reach this network However,
after the connection establishment if we add a default
static route to PPP internal adapter using Routing &
Remote access admin, the PPP will get the gateway and will
start replying the ICMP messages to the remote LAN. The
route we add is ,

RRAS admin----> servername---->IP routing --->static routes
Adapter : internal
Network :
Mask :
Gateway : x.x.x.41 (PPP router end IP as a gateway
Metric : 1

Once we add this route, the ipconfig shows the gateway
address for PPP adapter as x.x.x.40( to reach .41) . Hence
any unknown destination packets will be forwarded to
router end thru PPP link by windows RRAS pc . The router
will then pass it back to its internal clients(since it
can understand the destination Ips (10.1.30.x).

This exercise works perfectly if we add this static route
in RAS admin, every time manually . If we try to add this
thru command prompt using -p option , it will not allow us
to add and throw a error message that the .41 gateway ip
does not exsist or not accessible from present LAN

Since RAS servers at branch locations, the corporate users
have to request the branch admin peoples to do this
exercise every time they connect to these branches.
Otherwise the data flow will not happen . We need a fix to
automate the same once the connection is established by
the cisco router …


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