RIS problem



Hi, my RIS server was working very well until two days ago. I removed some
old images and I probably removed something important.

Now, when I try to install a client, i get this error:

The server cannot create a temporary unattended Setup answer file. Contact
your administrator.

Error: 00004E26

Any ideas?

Thanks /Martin



NIC Student

Do you still have the CD-based images for each OS?

If you are trying to deploy Win2K SP3 for example, you must have a Win2k SP3
cd-based image on the RIS server.

Can you successfully RIS any images? Which ones?


HI, thanks for your answer.

When I first got the error, I started to create a new cd-based image from
the CD. So I don't think that's is the problem

I can't even RIS the "plain" CD-Image. No other images work...

Help me!! :)



I forgot to say, I added the new image from an XP SP1 volume license. And my
other images are XP.
Do I need to add the W2000 image from the cd again?

NIC Student

OK Martin, thanks for your reply.

You lasrt two messages are a little confusing, I understand that the WinXP
images are working but the Win2K images are not. Bad scenario, but I think
if you create a new image selection with the latest w2k service packs, you
will feel it is a silver lining.

My suggestion is to take the opportunity rebuild your W2K images. We all
know that keeping up with the latest images is a pain.

Generally, the procedure is
1. Create a flat of Windows 2000 on the hard drive (the i386 folder),
2. Download the latest service pack and extract it.
3. Slipstream the flat image with the service pack.
4. Click Start>Run>RISETUP and create a cd-based service pack RIS image.
5. RIS a workstation.
6. Customize the workstation (avoid updating the file NTOSKRNL.EXE with your
7. Run RIPREP on the workstation.

The key is step 6. Uninstall a hotfix or patch that updates this file.
Check after each update, add as many as you can without updating

I'm sorry if I have misunderstood the situation. You should be able to
create the new Win2K image from the cd and immediately RIS from it. Make
sure you can (step 5 above) before trying to customize the installation by
editing the SIF files.




Thanks - you save my weekend!
The only thing missing was the tmp directory. I just created a new one and
then it worked!
Thank you very much!




Bryan Henson

You probably removed the tmp directory from under the
reminst share. If it is still there you need to make sure
that the SYSTEM account has permissions to write to this

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