Riprep of WinXP SP2 disables local administrator


John Smith

I updated one of our RIS images of WinXP Pro with SP2, but when this image
is used on a workstation, it installs with the local administrator account
disabled. i.e. I can setup a WinXP SP2 workstation with the local
administrator account enabled, verify that it is enabled by logging in as
that account, then login as a domain admin account and run riprep, but when
I build a workstation from that RIS image, the local administrator account
is installed as disabled.

The same problem does not happen when creating a RIS image from a WinXP SP1
workstation to the same RIS server with exactly the same riprep executable,
so it does not appear to be riprep per se that is causing this to happen.

The RIS server is Win2000 SP4.

Nick Payne



Darrell Gorter[MSFT]

Hello John,
See this article:
Which should give you the setting to change this behavior.
320490 How to turn on the local administrator account on a remote computer
Darrell Gorter[MSFT]

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