Add Drivers To RIS Image




I have a RIS server that is loaded with several images. The images were
created by running RIPREP.EXE on a configured workstation and then uploaded
to a RIS server.

I need to add device drivers to these images, that will allow Windows to
detect and install drivers for hardware during the Hardware Installation
(Plug and play detection) porition of the Windows setup when imaging a client
using the RIS server.

I have 2 new hardware devices. (1) a modem, (2) a new NIC
I have tried the Microsoft recommended way of doing this (KB254078) by
adding a
directory to my RIS image (in the same path as the I386 folder) like this:


I have then edited my Ristndrd.sif file with the following additions:

OemPreInstall = Yes
OemPnPDriversPath = "Driver\Modem;Drivers\NIC"
DriverSigningPolicy = Ignore

When I load a workstation with the new hardware, Windows is loaded, I log in
and then i am asked to load the device drivers for the new modem and nic... I
have been fighting with this for way too long and im loosing to much hair.


I have one further question: in KB246184 , it says:
"If the RIS image was created with RIPREP, you must perform these steps on
both the RIPREP image and the RISETUP image that corresponds to the RIPREP

WTF does that mean? how do i know what my corrosponding RISETUP image is? Is
that the CD based image i loaded to setup the RIS server, before configuring
and loading my RIPREP image?

Can anyone tell me what im doing wrong?

Rex Dieter

Drumgod said:
I have then edited my Ristndrd.sif file with the following additions:

OemPreInstall = Yes
OemPnPDriversPath = "Driver\Modem;Drivers\NIC"
OemPnPDriversPath = "\Driver\Modem;\Drivers\NIC"

-- Rex


Hi Drumgod

You're not doing anything wrong, you Unattended section is good.

RipRepping with a new NIC is a special action, and you must include the
drivers in the original non-riprep image before proceeding.

You can also add the drivers to the riprep mirror.

Before you lose all your hair you can write to me directly, and I will then
assist you in making it happen. My email is (e-mail address removed).

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