Ribbon and menus disappear in Excel 2007



My ribbon and menus disappear completely from the top of Excel and the only
way to get them back is to close and reopen.

It takes a variable amount of time for this to happen, but it happens every
time sooner or later.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



I believe I have found the culprit.
I am using the MicroSoft Virtual Desktop Manager (multiple desktops are
essential to me) and every time I switch from one desktop to another I loose
my ribbon and menus in any Excel window I have open.

I hate to give up the ability to have multiple desktops, but the other VDMs
I have found are not as straight-forward.
Nov 8, 2012
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For the benefit of others who have the same problem but not quite the same scenario (i.e. I'm not using Virtual Desktop of any kind, but I do have multiple worksheets open at the same time, same story for just one of my colleagues), a microsoft article has a simple workaround.

Ctrl +F1 switches the ribbon off (and on), when you do that it restores the blanked out area at the top, it also switches off the ribbon feature, but you can get it back by pressing Ctrl+F1 again.

It also suggests " If that does not work, try doing a repair installation of the software" - I think it might be worth trying this even though it does restore the Ribbon and Menu, just haven't had time to try it myself yet. (Sorry, can't paste the link as forum rules block me until I have made 10 posts).

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