Excel Display/Refresh problems



I'm having a consistent refresh problems with Excel 2007. I'm running
Windows XP on an HP DV6000 series laptop with 2GB RAM. Software, OS, and
drivers are up to date.

1 of 2 things are happening frequently. The first is that some portion of
the worksheet I'm working on disappears and does not refresh. Usually
scrolling the section off and back on the screen fixes the problem, but
sometimes I have the close the file and re-open it. The second is that the
top part of the Excel window (title bar, system menu and controls, and
ribbon) disappears. Everything is fine in the workbook area, but I can't do
anything related to the area that's disappeared. I have to close Excel and
re-start it to fix this problem.

Has anyone seen (and fixed) either of these problems before? Any ideas on
how to troubleshoot the problems?





In reference to your second issue, I have seen the exact same behavior on
one of the many PCs for which I provide support. I've been looking around on
the web to see if anyone else has seen the issue and they have been few and
far between, without any suggested resolution. If I figure out what going on
I'll be sure to post the resolution.
Dec 30, 2010
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Excel 2003 display refresh problem fix

Microsoft released a hotfix for this problem (KB978908). Display memory tends to pick up data from hidden sheets and pastes it into the active screen. No impact on the file. This occurs when protecting and unprotecting worksheets in VBA. I also suspect that enabling and disabling screen refresh contributes to this problem. In any case there is a fix, albeit with the following disclaimer:

"This hotfix has not undergone full testing. Therefore, it is intended only for systems or computers that are experiencing the exact problem that is described in the one or more Microsoft Knowledge Base articles that are listed in "KB Article Numbers" field in the table at the end of this e-mail message. If you are not sure whether any special compatibility or installation issues are associated with this hotfix, we encourage you to wait for the next service pack release. The service pack will include a fully tested version of this fix. We understand that it can be difficult to determine whether any compatibility or installation issues are associated with a hotfix. If you want confirmation that this hotfix addresses your specific problem, or if you want to confirm whether any special compatibility or installation issues are associated with this hotfix, support professionals in Customer Support Services can help you with that."

Note that you have to request the hotfix from Microsoft. They will send you a link with a password which will allow you to open the file.

For me it fixed the problem and allowed me to automate the spreadsheet.
Jan 28, 2011
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This might not be your exact issue, but in Excel 2010 if you are freezing panes and a form control or activex control flickers and the freezed pane doesn't seem to update, make sure you do not have a print area set.

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