Screen Refresh Problem


Ed Hannigan

I previously was using Office 2000 and bought Office Home and Student 2007.
I am having very annoying screen refresh issues that occur in Excel:

1) After switching windows with ALT-tab between Excel documents or Internet
2) Sometime after just a random amount of time
3) Scrolling to fix my problem

The problem seems to be that only the the cells in the upper left corner are
refreshed. The rest of the cells to the right and below turn white, contain
no gridlines, or data in the cells anymore.

My solution to the problem is to scroll up or down and then return back to
the cell I was in. Sometimes after I return back to the position my problem
repeats...a frustrating thing. I am thinking I may need to "upgrade" to the
decade old Office 2000 where I did not have this issue. I don't like that
idea after spending money on the newer version.

I have updated office, Windows XP SP3 with all critical updates installed,
and updated video drivers. My system has an E8500 @ 3.16 GHZ, 4 GB RAM, and
a GeForce 8800. My DPI setting is set to 125% normal size and my monitor
resolution is 1920x1200.

Googling for answers has not helped. Are there any solutions/fixes to this
screen refresh problem?


I have the same problem. I find it occurs every time I paste data from other
worksheets. Can catch you off guard if you don't switch between sheets to
refresh the sheet with the pasted data.

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