2002 menus in PPT 2007?



There are a couple of add-ins that replicate the 2003 menu structure in

There are also various helpful add-ins, files, etc for helping you find
what you're looking for on the new ribbon bar quickly.

I've got several of these resources listed here:

Excuse me for being dumb but ......
I successfully installed Commando2007 into PPT 2007 and when I clicked
on Add-ins it worked as described.
Then I closed PPT and restarted it and this time there was no "Add-in"
to click on. That choice on the top menu bar seems to have disappeared
so I have no way to activate Commando2007 again.
I'm using PPT 2007 in Windows 7 64 bit.


Nah, it's probably the add-in ... it predates Win7 and 64-bit operating
systems. What happens if you install Commando2007 again? Does it re-
appear for just the current session?

I don't have a box with Win7 64 to test with so I can't easily try it here.
Yes if I re-install it it reappears till I close PPT again.

Ah well. It's OK.

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