restoring xp pro profile



I have a remote user whose computer was a member of domain "x", and
when he logged in to his computer he logged into domain "x" on that
computer, I assume that the computer is using cached credentials
because it allowed him to login to the domain, although he was not
connected to any domain controllers.

The user then changed his loggon type from a domain to a workgroup, he
now wants to return to the domain so he can use his old profile, and
have outlook and all his programs already configured. I had him login
locally to his machine and then vpn into the domain and then join the
domain. He then had to reboot. However when he try to login again the
domain "x" was not available as an option to log into. Is there any way
to restore it so he can use his old profile that was associated with
domain "x"



Hi there John,

His profile is probably still there, you can have him check by going to
C:\Documents and Settings and see if possibly he has a second profile with
his domain UserID in there.

What he might have to do is actually bring the laptop into the office and
plug into the network and join the domain there, then login with his account
to recache the user account.

Let me know if this helps!

Best Regards,



yes, that is exactly what had to happen. unfortunately it was not a
laptop but a desktop. But I appreciate the help.thanks


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