Restore .avi registry entries.



Could someone let me know the default Window Vista registry keys and
values for .avi and .AVIFILE? I deleted them few days ago and the live
thumbnail in Explorer doesn't work for avi.

How come I deleted them? This is a quite a long story:

I prefer to use another media player for playing avi files but all
media tyes were initially associated with Windows Media Player. The
media player I prefer has an option that lets users set file
associations with itself. But after I did so, avi's were still
associated with WMP.

I opened "Default Programs" and clicked Set Program Associations then
clicked WMP, then clicked Choose defaults for this program, but avi
checkbox was greyed out, so I could not uncheck it.

Then I went to "Associated a file type or ..." and selected .avi and
changed the associated program. Now avi's were opened with my prefered
media player, but the icon for avi still remained that of WMP.

I thought, what the heck. why can't I remove WMP from avi? and I
manually searched for .avi entries in registry and deleted them, then
I associated avi with my prefered media player.

It worked as I expected but the live thumbnail doesn't work.


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