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Rubens \(hotmail\)

By default, the icon for .AVI files is the Windows Media player orange
triangle. I recently installed Nero 9, and its now reset the icon to
something different (looks like a video clip). I want to reset the default
icon for AVI files back to the orange triangle.

I have gone into Control Panel and changed the AVI file default media player
and file association to other programs then back to try to "reset" it, but
no luck. What's even more strange is that some of the associations still
use the orange media player icon, but the AVI's do not (among a few others
that got changed). Yet the program they all open with is set to Windows
Media Player.

Any idea on how I can change this back?



Thanks for your note. I ran into another issue on my laptop and had to go
back to a restore point. Once I did the system restore, the nice icon was
returned and of course I just need to reinstall Nero now.


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