"Resealing in progress" window after manual reseal



I am bringing back a question that was raised by me a few years back
and raised again by somebody else a year later (see threads below).
Each had some form of answer but neither answer is completely

In short, there was a component update in 2007 that changed the
behavior after a manual reseal, where the first boot after that reseal
step showed a pop-up window that displayed "Resealing in progress".
This is undesirable for me because we distribute the resealed image as
part of our upgrades and don't want the customer to see this pop-up
when they perform a software upgrade. Sean Liming indicated that this
pop-up should say "Cloning in progress..." and was harmless, but that
doesn't eliminate the confusing message that the customer will see
when they upgrade. One suggestion was to use the old version of
fbreseal.exe but I want to know the potential consequences of doing so
before using that fix.

Can anybody provide any other work-arounds for this issue?
Alternatively, can anybody identify the changes to fbreseal.exe in
2007 so that I can understand potential consequences of using the
older version? Thanks.

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